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Trees provide us with oxygen to breathe, fruit to enjoy, flowers to see and cool shade from the summer sun. 
But at times, you have to take the tough decision to remove one from your garden or backyard due to:

  • A diseased or dying plant is worthless and it may be the breeding ground for pests like mites and beetles. These have a high probability of spreading to nearby plantations.
  • It may be storm damaged and immune to infestations
  • You want to replace it with a newer or better variety of plants
  • You want to start with your garden landscaping or paving plan.
  • There is a new fencing work, shed or new construction you wanted to start
  • Large trees grow out-of-control, often disrupting overhead power cables, intruding your neighbor’s premises and damaging properties.
  • Large plants obstruct free movement along driveways, on the streets and sidewalks.  This is often the case with gum tree removal.

More often than not, people are tempted to seek help from unqualified personnel and contractors in order to keep costs down. But their outdated methods can lead to more unwanted expenses and you end up paying more. Truncating trees is a hazardous job and should be carried out under expert supervision. We employ experienced arborists who are able to do the job professionally and within your budget.


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